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1. Product placement

1.1. All users have free access to the information posted on our page, and membership is required to upload products.

1.2. To use the services of the Mindgolia.mn website, you agree to these terms of service.

1.3. Register as a member by entering your username, password, e-mail address and phone number in the “Register” field. The member’s name does not contain insulting, vulgar or offensive language.

1.4. Your member name and password are for your personal use only and may not be shared, used or sold.

1.5. You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality and security of your member name, password, and any actions taken under your authority (including company information or products).

1.6. If the confidentiality of your membership has been breached or suspicious activity has taken place under your authority, you should immediately change your password and contact us immediately in writing (info@mindgolia.mn) or by phone (. . . . . . .).

1.7. In case of data deletion under the conditions specified in section 1.7 of this regulation, the user’s data will be deleted 14 days after the last match or event, depending on the duration of the purchased match or event, or 14 days after the user’s request to delete the data if the match has not been purchased. .

1.8. The website www.mindgolia.mn protects the interests of its users with the most modern standards and technological solutions, so we trust that you, the user, will cooperate with us by following this procedure and the related Privacy Policy.

2. Code of Ethics

By using the website www.mindgolia.mn, you undertake to adhere to the following ethical standards in accordance with the Civil Law of Mongolia, the Law on Protection of Consumer Rights and other relevant laws and regulations.

2.1. Respect the rights and interests of other users;

2.2. Use the Mindgolia.mn website, its information and services only in accordance with the law and for permitted purposes;

2.3. Do not confuse users by using the name of our organization or employees;

2.4. Submit or distribute information that is prohibited by law, fraudulent, defamatory, offensive, or violates intellectual property rights; publish confidential information of any organization or individual without proper permission; do not post any information or comments that violate the rights of users, such as advertisements, solicitations, chain letters, surveys, contests, etc., that are not related to our activities;

2.5. Information, comments, links that violate the safety of other users, members or the page, that are offensive, obscene, violent or threatening, use vulgar language or profanity, promote drugs, alcohol or tobacco, or contain seductive content, as well as do not include personal information, such as third-party contact addresses, telephone numbers, or e-mail addresses;

2.6. In addition, attacks on the reputation of third parties (individuals and organizations, groups of people), defames, intimidates, ethnic origin, religion, color, origin, sexual orientation, age, gender, body defects, or disability. do not post information, comments or links with discriminatory content;

2.7. Not to distribute or transmit spam;

2.8. Collect information about users and members of the page;

2.9. Use any information or services on the Site for commercial purposes, including reselling tickets or other products or services.

3. About intellectual property

The website www.mindgolia.mn belongs to the Ministry of Electronic Development and Communications /hereinafter referred to as “Mindgolia” and the Association of Mongolian Software Manufacturers /hereinafter MOSA/. The posted information is the property of www.mindgolia.mn assignees.

3.1. Ownership rights

The intellectual property rights of www.mindgolia.mn website are copyright